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Strategist &
Semiotician &
Futurist &

I believe in taking strategic risks for big rewards.

I love creating meaningful, creative, and practical work that fulfills a need for people.

I think whimsy is underrated. 


Strategic Risk

I decided to pursue my Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University in the middle of a pandemic.


Big Rewards

I was hired as employee #1 at this VC-backed tech startup that went through to acquisition.


Commitment to Whimsy

At 26, I went on a year-long, solo, round-the-world trip focusing on learning a new skill in each country I visited (surfing in Costa Rica, tango in Argentina, fencing in get the idea!)


Recent Work

Why We Buy: A Systems View on Consumerism

Futures of Cultural Identity

RDC Design Challenge

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