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Biography in the Third Person

Martha is a natural storyteller with a passion for creative ideation. She looks at challenges holistically, analyzing the systems they occupy to identify possible solutions. A self-starter with proven project management experience, she knows how to juggle multiple priorities and make sure deliverables are completed on time and to spec. Recognized as a leader in the workplace, Martha brings a positive energy to her teams and strives to ensure a safe and equitable environment. Guided by empathic co-design principles, she is passionate about looking for clever, practical, and actionable solutions to “wicked problems”.

Core Competencies

- Creative ideation 

- Design & systems thinking

- Foresight methodology

- Relationship building 

- Presentation & storytelling

- Problem solving & critical thinking

- Service design & strategy 

- Teamwork & collaboration 

- Writing & editing

Work Experience 

I have a knack for cross-team collaboration, so I've been a hybrid team member for most of my career. I've held client-facing roles in an account management capacity, as well as in marketing research, operations, and engagement. 

Tech startup life let me wear a lot of hats, including one I like to call "The Wisely Lorax" (I spoke for the clients!) Working closely with sales and product teams, I was the voice of our customer internally, pushing to make the user experience frictionless and enjoyable. For me, the user always has to come first -- if not, then what are we even doing? 

I have an HBA degree in English and Semiotics, a postgraduate certificate in International Marketing, and a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation

What I Like & What I'm Good At 

For me, the best part of any project is the creative ideation involved in coming to the solution. There's no better feeling of getting into a flow of ideas with your team mates and seeing a project vision build out before your eyes -- it's magic!

My next favourite part is finding the best way to tell the story. My twin passions for writing and storytelling go hand in hand with presenting, which I have done on stages big and small. 

Of course, the best-best part of any project is the friends you make along the way! Building relationships and forging connections with people is the best way to produce great work. 

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